HUBER+SUHNER to showcase its super-fast High Power Charging system

HUBER+SUHNER has announced that it will present its RADOX HPC system at HMI Hannover 2019. RADOX High Power Charging (HPC) system claims to offer charge times below 15 minutes.

The company aims to solve with this, key challenges in Electric Vehicle (EV) market revolving around charging time. With charging times below 15 minutes for an 80% State of Charge, the HPC system claims to put super-fast and safe charging within reach, even when combined with the large battery packs of electric vehicles and trucks.

According to the company, the system is designed to allow the power-throughput of a charging system to be multiplied, it offers customers a simple and easy handling experience, whilst being high-performing with low service and installation costs.

The system has also been selected by zero-emission pioneers Electrify America and Ionity, allowing the HPC system to play a crucial role in revolutionizing ultra-fast EV charging systems. The majority of Electrify America’s network of 2,800 charging systems will utilize the HPC system to provide a state-of-the-art charging offering with the HPC already installed across multiple states in the USA.

Source: Press Release


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