Pecan Street launches V2G research and testing center

Energy research organization Pecan Street has launched Texas’ first grid-tied vehicle-to-grid (V2G) testing center at its lab in Austin, Texas, turning electric vehicles into a dispatchable load shaving tool for the municipally-owned electric utility, Austin Energy.

The V2G testing center is part of Austin SHINES, an Austin Energy project that is testing how energy storage at grid, commercial-, and residential applications-scale to help increase the penetration of solar energy to reduce peak demand, increase grid resiliency and achieve the City of Austin’s renewable energy and storage goals by 2027.

Deployed throughout a service area, V2G technology could allow utilities to knit together electric vehicles to act as a virtual, on-demand power plant. Paired with the increasing penetration of residential roof-top solar, EVs can become a viable source of clean, dispatchable power for utilities during peak demand periods.

Pecan Street estimates that each electric vehicle connected to this kind of dispatchable system could power a home for two to five hours or power up to five homes for about an hour each. Shaving peak power demand during the highest few hours of electric use has significant benefits on electric system costs, rates and emissions reductions.

Source: Press Release


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