Strategic Cooperation between Bosch and CATL on Battery Cells

Bosch and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) recently concluded a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. The partners are going to jointly specify high-performance battery cells. CATL will then design, develop, and manufacture these cells in accordance with Bosch requirements.

The cells are to be used in the 48-volt battery developed by Bosch. This battery is the core element of 48-volt hybrid powertrain systems, whose efficiency is making them globally ever more important. In joining this alliance, the supplier of technology and services is also securing its long-term sourcing for battery cells.

Bosch’s portfolio for 48-volt systems extends beyond the 48-volt battery to encompass other system components such as DC/DC converters and electrical machines. With this technology, Bosch aims to gear up all classes of vehicles for future emissions requirements and offer affordable hybridization.

Bosch aims to take the lead in the mass e-mobility market that will emerge in 2020 and beyond. The company is planning to increase its sales in this area more than tenfold by 2025, to five billion euros.

Source: Press Release


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