Toyota working on an electric car powered by a new type of battery

According to some news reports, Toyota Motor Corp is working on an electric car that would be powered by a new type of battery. It is being claimed that the battery will significantly increase the driving range and reduce the charging time.


The electric vehicles now use lithium-ion batteries which have a range around 300-200 Kms and takes 20-30 minutes to charge, but Toyota’s cars will use all-solid-state batteries which could be recharged in just a few minutes. Solid-state batteries use solid electrolytes in place of than liquid ones, so are safer than lithium-ion batteries currently on the market.

This electric car might be introduced in Japan by 2022. There are companies like Tesla, Nissan that are leading when it comes to Electric cars and many traditional automakers that are coming up with different strategies to emerge as a dominating force. Toyota’s battery can help it to gain an edge over the other companies but it is a long and tedious process to externalize breakthroughs into financially viable projects.


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