Connected Vehicle

Elektrobit and CARUSO to partner on a cloud-based mobility data platform

Elektrobit (EB) proudly announces that they are partnering up with CARUSO to make the monetization of connected car data even simpler.

Cars generate large amounts of data for improving the driving experience, driving safety, and vehicle’s security. Connected cars can make such data available to third parties enabling various use cases and innovative services.

With the power of Elektrobit’s analytics tool EB cadian Analytics such in-vehicle data is collected securely and remotely from vehicles and transferred to the EB cloud. By integrating the CARUSO platform with the EB cloud, both running in an AWS cloud environment, direct data exchange is enabled, and monetization of the collected data is possible via the marketplace of CARUSO.

Customers of CARUSO benefit from the data exchange with EB. For example, telematics data like mileage can be used for insurance companies. Further, remote diagnostics will be possible for third parties based on data collected by EB cadian Analytics and the standardized access to data via the Caruso platform.

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