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Endsleigh partner with telematics solutions provider, ingenie Business to launch ‘Endsleigh Loop’

Endsleigh have signed a contract with ingenie Business for the provision of an end-to-end telematics, behavioural coaching, data analytics, policy administration, and claims management solution built upon ingenie’s decade of experience as a market leader in insurance and technology.

ingenie Business’s ability to rapidly and cost effectively deliver a white labelled solution encompassing several bespoke elements via ingenie’s in-house data science and engineering capability, will enable Endsleigh Insurance Services to launch their “Endsleigh Loop” product in July 2020. 

The product will be targeted at Endsleigh’s core market of young drivers and University students.  ingenie Business’s in depth data analytics based on its decade of insurance knowledge and telematics data processing which utilises the latest machine learning and neural network data science, will enable Endsleigh to better understand risk, influence driver behaviour, reduce claims, and price more effectively, whilst providing an enhanced customer proposition that rewards positive driving behaviours.

Addressing the rapidly changing nature of the insurance landscape, the current environmental climate, and macro social shifts, the product will benefit from the latest self-fit telematics devices and the use of mileage-based pricing. Endsleigh identified ingenie Business as their preferred partner due to their focus on driver engagement, behavioral change and driver safety. ingenie Business has partnered with a number of Blue Chip companies such as Dutch roadside assistance organization ANWB, major motor manufacturer Vauxhall, and their own retail telematics insurance brand, ingenie Retail. During 2019, ingenie Business grew in excess of 220% with continued growth being achieved in 2020.

A spokesperson for Endsleigh Insurance Services said: ‘We are very excited to launch an innovative and flexible Telematics solution, Endsleigh Loop, for our young drivers. Endsleigh Loop is a new, engaging and easy-to-use Telematics solution that, thanks to the collaboration of Endsleigh and ingenie Business, young drivers will want to use and that will ultimately improve their driving behaviours.’

A further look into what the ingenie, Endsleigh partnership provides:

  • Provision of ingenie’s cloud based microservices Multi Platform
  • Delivery of a customised iOS/Android feedback app with engagement, coaching, gamification, and rewards capability.
  • Creation of bespoke algorithms based on ingenie’s decade of in-depth data analytics of customer driving
  • All telematics hardware and installation services
  • Third Party Administration services via ingenie’s partner Europa Group Limited
  • Claims Management via ingenie’s partner: WINNs Solicitors

Jonathan Law, Managing Director of ingenie Business said ‘We are delighted to have partnered with Endsleigh, it is testament to our continued investment in insurance technology, our focus on driver safety, and further solidifies our position as a driving force in the growing connected insurance ecosphere.’

Screenshots of Endsleigh Loop app, available on iOS and Android

ingenie’s respected position in the telematics industry comes from a number of high-profile wins. They have a highly predictive analytics capability that has been built on 10 years’ worth of data, collected from customer acquisition, onboarding, in life management, claims, retention, and renewals. The most important focus of the business is to keep young drivers safe on the roads – playing to Endsleigh’s strengths with University students where they specialize. With similarity in their cultures and attitudes around insuring young drivers and ingenie’s offer of extensive services for the new product, the partnership is an ideal fit with exciting further developments to come.

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