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ETQ delivers advanced collaboration in new release of Reliance NXG QMS and launches a new quality events application

ETQ, part of Hexagon, launched a new release of cloud-native QMS, Reliance NXG, allowing teams to create and edit Google Docs natively in Reliance. The company also launched its newest application, Quality Events, giving quality users the broadest set of deviation management capabilities in the industry.

The Quality Events application adds to ETQ’s rich set of tools to manage unplanned deviations and provides a process to capture all types of events and determine if further action is required.

Among key updates to Reliance NXG is seamless integration between ETQ Document Control and Google Docs for improved collaboration on an industry-leading word processing platform, while maintaining full security and access control of the documents.

“The new release of Reliance NXG was designed to enhance team collaboration and boost the user experience, bringing customers the tools they need to better meet quality goals,” said Morgan Palmer, ETQ Chief Technology Officer. “These new capabilities, combined with our new Quality Events application, reflect ETQ’s continuous process of responding to customer needs with innovative solutions that raise the bar on QMS standards.”

Quality Events Application Enables Management of Unexpected Deviations
The new Quality Events application enables users to manage a broad set of unexpected deviations and provides a single source of entry to capture any event that may impact quality or adherence to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice). It also provides a standard process for identifying the root cause of a deviation to determine if further action is required, and ensures each investigation is performed consistently and expeditiously. Quality Events can help users assess the deviation to determine if it requires the costs and time involved with Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs).

The Quality Events application further extends Reliance’s market-leading range of functionality to help manage and maintain quality when things unexpectedly go wrong. The application joins ETQ Reliance’s Planned Deviations, Lab Investigation, Customer Feedback, Customer Complaints, NCM, and CAPAs, providing the most complete deviation management portfolio in the industry. Quality Events is available for customers on Reliance NXG, Reliance CG, and Reliance 2020.

New Version of Reliance NXG Harnesses Power of Teamwork, Integration

Google Docs Collaboration

With Reliance NXG’s Google Docs Collaboration feature, teams can create and edit documents in the popular Google Docs system, while publishing changes in Reliance NXG through a seamless user experience. The capability leverages ETQ Reliance workflows to control the editing and approval cycles for documents; and manages ongoing access to the documents and editing history in a Google Docs repository through Reliance access rights.

User Interface Enhances Productivity

With this release, ETQ has also enhanced Reliance NXG with a more intuitive, user-friendly interface to improve navigation and efficiency. The new design features improved resolution and increased variation between various sections to ensure a more productive, engaging user experience.

Manufacturer Incident Reporting (MIR)

ETQ also now offers the Manufacturer Incident Reporting (MIR) form as a standard form within the Life Sciences Management Application Set.  This is a form for the European Databank on Medical Devices (EUDAMED) that is required by the EC (European Commission) for medical device manufacturers that sell into the European Union. 

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