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Exide launches new lithium material handling battery

Exide Technologies, on 13 May 2020, unveiled Lithium Material Handling Battery. It also introduced its new cloud-based fleet management software, GNB Fleet, which improves fleet uptime, enlarges efficiency and reduces total cost of ownership.

Lithium Material Handling Battery is designed to lower total cost of ownership in material handling applications. Switching from a lead battery to the Material Handling Battery may yield savings of up to 1.125 million euros over the battery’s lifetime for an average-sized fleet of 25 forklifts. GNB’s retrofitting communicator allows all information to be presented via the truck’s on-board display without any additional external instruments. The battery offers exceptional electrical performance and advanced safety features.

Exide’s new cloud-based software, GNB Fleet, provides real-time data on all batteries connected to its chargers. Simple, traffic-light-style reports enable energy consumption and productivity to be improved. The software also notifies users immediately of any issues in the fleet using state-of-health information, allowing corrective action to be taken before uptime is affected. Preventative maintenance can also be scheduled automatically.

Exide has a wide range of technologies and expertise to help you embrace the path ahead in intralogistics. This includes market-leading battery technologies, chargers, charging algorithms, battery management systems, consulting and support. Exide’s GNB chargers enable both fast and opportunity charging and are specially optimized to work with GNB Fleet and Exide’s range of material handling batteries.

“The new Sonnenschein Lithium Material Handling Battery allows businesses to make significant savings, improve efficiency and leverage the existing on-board display,” said Magnus Ohlsson, Business Director, GNB Motive Power. “We provide the right combination of high-performance battery, charger technology, fleet management and professional service to minimize total cost of ownership for your business.”

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