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Fleet Complete launches Vision 2.0, dash cam & video telematics solution

Fleet Complete, a leading global provider of fleet telematics, has launched Vision 2.0, the latest fleet dash camera solution. Vision 2.0 features a dual-facing camera with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and on-the-edge artificial intelligence processing. It includes on-board LTE connectivity and a driver monitoring system for optimal in-cabin safety coverage.

With live playback of events, the solution helps to elevate commercial fleet safety and driver training programs. It is ideal for companies looking to protect their mobile staff on the road and to avoid potentially fraudulent insurance claims in an event of a collision if the driver is not at fault.

“Inclement weather, bad traffic, poor road conditions, and other road users can create a hazardous environment while driving,” said Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete. “Our new Vision 2.0 is a complete solution with smart video recording and driver coaching through a Companion app that will provide your drivers with an added layer of visibility, risk detection, and safety on the road.”

Rob Nella, CEO of a premier sales and service company for the food service industry, Nella, comments on their fleet’s experience of Vision 2.0: “Our company distributes restaurant equipment and supplies, and our drivers have to be very efficient and careful with their loads, because this equipment is very expensive, delicate – or really sharp. Fleet Complete’s Vision 2.0 is a very intelligent onboard solution that adds that extra layer of safety and a heads-up for our drivers on the road to avoid any mishaps that can cost us both financially and in customer satisfaction. It is also a peace of mind that, if something does happen and our driver is not at fault, there is video evidence that can help us with insurance claims or potential litigations.”

He continues, “It is a hands-free solution as well, which means it will start and end a trip on its own. Even if you have more than one driver using the vehicle during the same trip, Vision 2.0 will keep individual metrics per user.”

Fleet Complete’s Vision 2.0 offers a wide range of benefits that include:

  • Live in-vehicle driver coaching;
  • Drowsiness and distraction warnings;
  • Potential insurance costs reduction;
  • Mitigating liability issues;
  • Increasing employee retention;
  • Fostering a better safety culture.

Vision 2.0 works as a plug-and-play installation with any vehicle that has an OBDII, 6-pin or 9-pin port and integrates seamlessly with Fleet Complete’s platform.

Clients can access all vehicle data, driving analytics, route analysis, and video in a single interface, without the need to switch between systems. All business-critical elements are available to a fleet manager to best manage logistics, operations, compliance, and driver training.

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