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Geely Technology Group debuts intelligent battery swap station in Chongqing

Geely Technology Group’s intelligent battery swap station made its debut on September 16, which will be put into operation in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area first, according to a posting on the company’s WeChat account. 

The new-unveiled intelligent battery swap station covers an area of 126 square meters with 39 charging spots. According to Geely Technology Group, a station is able to offer 1,000 times of charging service per day.

Based on a modular architecture with high compatibility, the battery swap station is suited to diverse vehicle models, said the company.

The station also supports the full-progress connectivity among vehicles, stations and cloud. The high-level firefighting system can help insure against the occurrence of perilous accidents and reduce operational malfunctions. 

Geely Technology Group plans to build 35 battery swap stations in Chongqing by the end of 2020, and increase the cumulative number to 100 by 2021 and to 200 plus by 2023, helping Chongqing advance into an exemplary city in China in terms of battery swap business operations.

With Chongqing as the center, the company will radiate its battery swapping deployment across the country, including such cities as Zhejiang and Shandong.

Geely Technology Group has signed up for over 1,000 battery swap stations nationwide.

Geely Technology Group, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, focuses on the investment and operation in the new technologies and new business models about travelling ecosystem, with its line of businesses covering mobility services, new energy vehicle, flying car and satellite communications.

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