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General Motors China foresight design center expands capacity and comprehensively improves local automotive design capabilities

General Motors announced that it will upgrade and expand its forward-looking design center in Shanghai to fully enhance its local design capabilities and participate more in global product design. The new design center will have more flexible space, use the most cutting-edge technology to double the development capacity, and support General Motors to maintain its design leadership in the world’s largest automotive market.

General Motors China Foresight Design Center with more than 5,000 square meters will attract more local Chinese design talents. The upgrade project started this month and is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2021.

GM Global Executive Vice President and President of GM China Julian Blissett said: “Shanghai has become a high ground for gathering top automotive design talents, and amazing designs continue to emerge here. With the expansion of the forward-looking design center Relying on GM’s first-class global resources, we will attract more outstanding local designers.”

Michael Simcoe, GM’s vice president of global design, said: “Foresight design plays a vital role in the development of GM’s next-generation vehicles worldwide. The Chinese team will better integrate into the imagination and creation of future products. And strategy development.”

After the expansion, the forward-looking design center will add color and material studios, paint workshops, VR laboratories and other facilities. At the same time, the existing VR 3D simulation room, skylight platform, sludge studio and other facilities will be fully upgraded and will continue after completion. Become a leading one-stop automotive design center in China.

Ken Parkinson, GM China and International Design Vice President, said: “Since its establishment in 2012, our forward-looking design center has become an important source of creativity and has demonstrated deep insights into the Chinese market. With Our creative team is involved in more and more important projects, and existing resources have reached the moment when they need to be further expanded.”

GM China Foresight Design Center has a team of creative designers, clay engineers, digital modelers and VR specialists. The average age is less than 32 years old. It is one of the youngest design teams in the industry. They provide new energy concept cars and rich ideas about future travel for China and the global market.

“Shanghai’s vitality and vitality continue to inspire us. Our mission is to provide innovative and exciting designs for GM’s global brands to meet customers’ imaginations of the future,” said Harry Sze, Design Director, General Motors China Foresight Design Center. ) Means. “Our new studio aims to encourage new ways of working together, so that our talented creative team can truly break the boundaries and create a better future travel experience.”

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