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Global Warming Solutions launches new electric vehicle company subsidiary

Global Warming Solutions, Inc. announced the launch of ALTERNA MOTORS, LLC., a wholly-owned subsidiary of GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTIONS Inc., to design and develop electric vehicles (“EV”) and EV charging solutions.

Vladimir Vasilenko, Chief Executive Officer of Global Warming Solutions, commented, “This is an important milestone for GWSO. As Tesla has demonstrated, an end-to-end business model in the sustainable energy space can generate significant value. With the addition of EV and EV charging segments to our diverse business, we are positioning Global Warming Solutions for the future of renewable energy.”

A new subsidiary of Global Warming Solutions will focus on the design and development of new EV technologies and plans to partner with major manufacturers, as necessary.

“Our team has extensive experience, going back to early 2000, by building hydrogen-based products. The company is working on a new EV technology and will file a Patent in the next 60 days”, stated Artemy Madatov.

 “This patent describes a sodium-based device for supplying vehicles with hydrogen. Тhe device will be attractive for owners of electric vehicles because of its cost savings and ease of use.

The advantages of our technology:

  • Using inexpensive and available sodium, as sodium is readily available at a fraction of the cost of lithium.
  • A simplified production technology reduced the cost of the system by 10x compared to lithium-ion batteries.
  • The system does not reduce its energy capacity during the entire life of the vehicle (400,000 miles).
  • The system is always ready to operate the vehicle, … just start it up and drive.
  • The system can store a charge for an extended time when the vehicle is idle.

“The President-elect and his team have laid out an ambitious, comprehensive approach to energy policy that recognizes renewable energy’s ability to grow America’s economy and create a cleaner environment, while keeping electricity costs low and combating the threat of climate change. Mr. Biden plans to spend $2 trillion on EV infrastructure as well as other green projects. This includes building over half a million charging stations by 2030 and restoring the full EV tax credit ,” concluded Artemy Madatov.

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