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Goodyear Fleet Central, an interactive portal for fleets to manage their tires

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has launched Fleet Central to help fleets maximize efficiencies for their tires. The new portal allows fleets to purchase tires, activate service and gain insight into their tire program.

With Fleet Central, fleets can view and take action on all aspects of their tire program. Fleets can also interact with Goodyear directly by purchasing tires, scheduling service, requesting tire inspections or activating emergency roadside assistance from Goodyear’s service network of more than 2,300 providers. Other features include:

  • Emergency and Scheduled Tire Services – Fleets can bypass a phone call by submitting requests online directly to Goodyear Fleet HQ for emergency or scheduled service. Fleet Central also allows fleets to track events with a live, interactive dashboard to stay updated throughout the entire service process. Fleets can view service performance by dealer, vehicle, geography and more with historical service reporting.
  • Tire Deliveries – Fleets can schedule stock tire deliveries and track shipping directly within Fleet Central.
  • Retreading – Fleet Central’s reporting capabilities help fleets monitor retread and casing performance with a view into all retread activities, as well as work order tracking and current inventory levels across Goodyear’s authorized retreading network.
  • Tire Performance and Monitoring – Fleets leveraging Goodyear’s tire management solutions can use Fleet Central’s interactive dashboard to detect and act on critical issues like fast air leaks and thermal alerts in real time, as well as monitor tire performance over time.
  • Approval & Purchase Order Management for Services – Fleets can utilize this portal to interact with Goodyear’s Expedited Approvals program to reduce the administrative burden of managing and issuing purchase orders, as well as approving and disputing work orders before they are invoiced.
  • Push Alerts – In addition to the online reporting available through this toolset, fleets can configure alerts and reports to be sent via text or email.

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