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Goodyear launches Fleet Tracker for greater efficiency

Goodyear extends Total Mobility fleet offer with user-friendly trace solution for trailers

Goodyear Proactive Solutions is launching Goodyear Fleet Tracker to enable fleets to manage all their assets, including trailers, more efficiently and effectively.

Goodyear Fleet Tracker is a very user-friendly smart application and provides a detailed mileage follow-up. A consequent follow-up of the remaining tread is enabling fleets and service providers to determine the right time to replace the tyres and proactively plan tyre maintenance without any downtime during operation. The smart device will also support fleets to run their operations more sustainably by extending the tyre lifetime and ensuring the tyre casing remains in optimal condition for retreading.

André Weisz, Managing Director of Goodyear Proactive Solutions EMEA

Goodyear Fleet Tracker will provide detailed mileage follow up data with up to 95% accuracy to fleet managers and service providers. This way the lifetime of tyres and total cost of ownership can be significantly optimized. The user-friendly solution helps to determine the right time to change, regroove or retread the tyres, not too soon, and certainly not too late in order to prevent a potential issue.

André Weisz, Managing Director of Goodyear Proactive Solutions EMEA

The solution also facilitates the tracing of vehicles on the road or assets in remote locations. The battery-powered device can be installed in any type of vehicle and will facilitate the management of trailers in particular. This accessible solution sends a GPS enabled signal that allows the fleet manager and service provider to improve the tracing of vehicles in operation or to locate a trailer parked for a longer time on a distant location.

André Weisz, Managing Director of Goodyear Proactive Solutions EMEA

High-value cargo transport has a special interest in the new Goodyear Fleet Tracker as it supports their teams in retrieving the vehicle’s journey history in case of potential theft. Route tracing is also offering specific added-value for facility fleets such as garbage trucks or public buses where it is important that the planned route is followed and completed.

André Weisz, Managing Director of Goodyear Proactive Solutions EMEA
Easily accessible technology

The Goodyear tracing solution includes an internal memory to store over 55 000 records and transfers the collected data to the cloud using the mobile network. In case a vehicle equipped with the device is out of range, the memory capacity is large enough to ensure no data is lost.

A build-in 3-axis accelerometer allows the system to enter ‘sleep mode’ and go into ultra-low power state, the technology will be reactivated when movement of the vehicle is detected.

By default, the GPS sends a signal every fifteen minutes, data upload will take place every two hours or when the vehicle stops or starts operation. The data transfer interval can be configurated to cater to specific needs of the fleet and type of transport. Goodyear’s powerful data technology systems will analyze the collected data.

The customer has access to detailed mileage and routing data per equipped vehicle via a customizable report and can follow the total fleet history with the help of a user-friendly dashboard on mobile and web applications.

The new Goodyear Fleet Tracker solution is the latest addition to Goodyear’s Total Mobility end-to-end offer including an extensive range of new and retreaded tyres developed to deliver enhanced performance in multiple applications, smart user-friendly tyre management solutions as well a trusted Pan-European 24/7 service network.

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