Autonomous Vehicle

GreenPower announces test rides and demonstration of its AV Star with Perrone Robotics at CES 2022

GreenPower Motor Company Inc. announced its AV Star will be on display and used as a demo vehicle at CES® 2022 as part of Perrone Robotic’s Innovation Alley demonstration track.

This announcement falls on the heels of GreenPower and Perrone’s recent OEM agreement, which continues to build on the success of the original AV Star developed for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA).

“Together with GreenPower and First Transit, we are thrilled to provide CES attendees with an opportunity to experience firsthand and ride in the AV Star,” said Paul Perrone, CEO and founder of Perrone Robotics. “The AV Star was developed to meet the demand for autonomous shuttle offerings for the transit and transportation sector.” 

CES attendees will get an up close and personal look at industry-leading technology as they cruise around a 556-foot track in what may be their first ride in an autonomous vehicle. The AV Star is the nation’s first fully-autonomous, zero-emissions, all-electric, ADA-compliant, FMVSS certified and Buy America shuttle capable of highway speeds.

“We’re excited that our AV Star will be on display for demonstration rides at the upcoming CES with Perrone Robotics,” said GreenPower CEO Fraser Atkinson. “CES celebrates the next generation of innovation, and we are honored to be a part of that mission.”

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