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HERE introduces global movement data service for advanced mobility analytics

HERE Technologies announced HERE Probe Data, a new data service enhancing the understanding of how road users and vehicles move across the transportation network.

The service addresses the growing need from public transportation agencies, cities, and companies across the automotive and transportation, and logistics industries, to better understand road-centric mobility patterns. HERE Probe Data use cases include:

  • Improved traffic management and congestion planning based on micro-level traffic analysis;
  • Enhanced road safety through accurate modeling of road-related risks enhanced air quality management and smarter street lighting;
  • Improved infrastructure and city planning through the modeling of seasonal and historical movement and route patterns;
  • Optimized traffic signal timing for better management of traffic flows;
  • Enhancedt in-vehicle infotainment and ADAS systems through a better understanding of routing based on seasonal and historical speeds, route patterns and traffic analysis.

“Nothing in recent history had a more profound effect on overall mobility patterns than the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns, remote working, and other restrictions impacted the movement of people and led to a decrease in traffic and congestion all over the world”, said Jørgen Behrens, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies. “With that in mind, companies and cities need access to accurate and detailed movement data to better plan infrastructure and manage traffic as well as to increase public safety in the future. With HERE Probe Data we can help to make mobility and city life safer, cleaner, and more sustainable.”

HERE Probe Data comprises of billions of GPS data points from vehicles on the road that HERE gathers every day, leveraging over 150 different probe data providers. This includes both anonymized, near-real-time and historical data. Each data point includes information about the date, latitude, and longitude, direction and speed. To protect privacy, the data from each vehicle is artificially broken to avoid linking to individuals, trip origins or destinations.

HERE Probe Data is available for over 30 countries in EMEAR, the Americas and APAC. It will soon also be available as a subscription service on the HERE Marketplace.

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