Press Release

HERE spearheads private mapping offering empowering enterprises to build custom maps

HERE Technologies announced the introduction of a unique mapping-as-a-service offering. The HERE private mapping offering is targeted at enterprises eager to create differentiation and reduce operational costs through building, maintaining, and using unique map datasets for advanced analytics and services.

The private mapping use cases relate to industrial yard mapping, leveraging probe data from private fleets of vehicles so as to make and update the map. The aim is to enable enterprises to bring their own map data onto the HERE location platform and use it together with HERE map data and services which will increasingly be available as a self-serve experience.

The private mapping offering will be of particular benefit to enterprises from the Transport and Logistics (T&L) space, more specifically from fleet management and supply chain, which want to build maps at scale, improve operational efficiency and drive differentiation against key competitors.

The offering will enable them to create and maintain a unique map dataset using various sources like probe, 3 rd party map content and eventually, imagery and LiDAR. These datasets are going to be privately and securely stored on the HERE location platform and can then be conflated with the HERE map and used further in services and as a foundation of advanced analytics.

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