Horizon Robotics partners with Aptiv and Wind River

BEIJING, Aug.16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Horizon Robotics formed a strategic partnership with Aptiv PLC and its subsidiary Wind River in China. Aptiv is a global technology company focused on making mobility safer, greener and more connected. Wind River is delivering software for mission-critical intelligent systems.

Aptiv’s initial collaboration with a Chinese auto-grade computing supplier for ADAS and automated driving signifies a significant partnership. Moreover, the partners aim to empower and revolutionize the automotive industry in China by harnessing their unique expertise. As a result, they aspire to provide Chinese drivers and passengers with a safer, more convenient, and enjoyable journey.

Under the agreement, Horizon Robotics will work with Aptiv and Wind River to develop fully integrated hardware and software solutions tailored for civil automakers in China. Moreover, Horizon’s self-developed Journey™ series computing solutions will be well complemented by Wind River’s portfolio. This includes VxWorks® real-time operating system (RTOS), Wind River Helix™ Virtualization Platform, Wind River Linux, and Wind River Studio, all of which will power the next-generation of software-defined vehicles (SDV).

The first offerings to leverage these integrated solutions, furthermore, will be Aptiv’s forward-looking smart cameras and centralized multi-domain controllers. In Aptiv’s ADAS platform roadmap, these solutions ideally suit addressing, particularly, the unique needs of the Chinese market. These solutions also power advanced features, such as automated driving and parking.

Benjamin Lyon, Chief Technology Officer of Aptiv, said, “We are excited to partner with Horizon Robotics. The synergy of Wind River’s software solutions with Horizon’s Journey series computing solutions will enable Aptiv to create a more sustainable and open platform aligned to Aptiv’s Smart Vehicle Architecture™ roadmap. We designed this roadmap to fulfill the demanding applications of software-defined vehicles.”

“The automotive industry in China is reshaping itself at an incredible pace. It can continue to rely on Horizon’s energy-efficient computing solutions for the era of smart vehicles,” said Dr. Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon. “We commit to fostering open collaboration with partners across the industry. We also honored to cooperate strategically with Aptiv and Wind River. Together, we look forward to delivering exceptional value to Chinese automakers, with hardware and software solutions built to achieve the level of safety, security and convenience our consumers ask for.”

“Our partnership with Horizon is a crucial step in creating an open, innovative, and collaborative ecosystem. This is essential for advancing the smart mobility industry’s development,” said Avijit Sinha, Chief Product Officer of Wind River. “Wind River’s software and Horizon hardware enable OEMs to fully exploit localized development and delivery benefits through seamless integration. This is for next generation automotive solutions. Together, we look forward to further advancing the software defined vehicle and smart driving.”

Looking ahead, Horizon Robotics will continue to play an active role in the digital transformation of China’s automotive industry. Moreover, it is releasing more energy-effective and user-friendly computing solutions and development tools to continuously empower partners such as Aptiv and Wind River. This empowerment aims to better serve Chinese automakers, collectively creating an enjoyable mobility life. It also aims to establish a “third living space” beyond home and office for consumers in China.

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