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India: Bike-taxis have the potential to generate over 2 million livelihoods, revenues of $4.5 billion: Study

[17th Mar 2020] According to the Ola study, Bike-Taxis can create 2 million jobs, generate $4.5 billion in revenue in India.

The report, titled, Bike Taxis: India’s new shared mobility frontier, presents a plan to capitalize on the opportunities that bike taxis offer. It shows the potential of bike-taxis to stimulate economic and social development.

According to the report, “Two-wheelers constitute 81 percent of the automobiles sold in India, thereby, becoming one of the leading contributors to India’s GDP.”

The Head of Ola Mobility Institute, Anand Shah said, “India has one of the largest numbers of two-wheelers plying on the roads in the world.”

Further, bike-taxis are an effective mode of travel for short distances. The use of bike-taxis is therefore expected to shift individuals from their private cars with low occupancy to shared mobility like bike-taxis. It will reduce traffic jams and therefore the need for individualized parking spots everywhere the town.

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