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India: Gujarat’s Statue of Unity to be EV only zone

Gujarat’s Statue of Unity area is set to become India’s first electric vehicles-only zone. A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the move, the Statue of Unity Area Development and Tourism Governance Authority (SOUADTGA) has said it will develop the area, situated in Gujarat’s Kevadia, into a zone free from vehicular pollution.

The authority issued a statement on Sunday saying that the area around the 182-metre tall Statue of Unity in Kevadia will be transformed into an electric-vehicles-only zone in a phased manner. On Saturday, Modi had said that steps are being taken to run only battery-based buses, two- and four- wheelers in Kevadia in future.

According to the plan, local residents living around the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel will get assistance to buy electric three-wheelers. The SOUADTGA said it will also provide subsidy for buying electric vehicles.

According to the agency, at least 50 e-rickshaws will be allowed to ply in the area under the authority initially. Women will get preference as the drivers of these e-rickshaws. The women drivers will be given free training at the Skill Development Center at Kevadia. A separate workshop and charging station will also be set up in the area.

The agency has also asked the company operating the e-rickshaw in the area to develop a smart mobile app which will mention the fares for these e-vehicles besides other information on tourist attractions. The country’s first electric vehicle tourism initiative was launched in Kevadia. Eco-friendly eBikes were also launched there. The fare for two hours is 1500 rupees.

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  1. The importance of making a transition from the internal combustion engine to electric in order to combat air pollution and protect the health of the population has been understood in the best possible way by India. The initiative to make an entire city area fully electric, helping the population to buy EVs through monetary incentives, should be an example to other states as well. In the world, the price of electric vehicles for many people is unattainable. Because of that, the switch to electric is impossible to carry out.

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