India: OMI Foundation releases ‘Ease of Moving Index’

Recently OMI Foundation, India, released a study Ease of Moving Index 2022.

“The Index aims to support policymakers, planners and practitioners, industry and citizens alike to identify mobility requirements of cities in India, challenges faced by the public, and aspirations of the citizens.”

The Ease of Moving Index evaluates 40+ indicators grouped under the nine mobility parameters. For the second edition, 50,000+ citizens spread across 40 cities were interviewed, offering valuable insights on commuter experience, city infrastructure and how people move in Urban India. The Index also enables cities to benchmark against each other and map opportunities to refine specific mobility aspects in the city.

The findings of the study aim to improve city mobility governance and strengthen their public transport systems. The Index also enables cities to benchmark against their peers and assess opportunities for improving specific mobility aspects in the city.

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO and Founder, Ola

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