Nissan Motor plans to launch a low budget electric car in India

Nissan Motor plans to launch an all-electric budget small car in India. The car may be priced around Rs 7 lakh i.e. less than $10000, according to a report by TOI.  The company is also considering to manufacture the car locally for the Indian market as well as market abroad.

Nissan Leaf

The Japanese automaker plans to leverage India’s low-cost manufacturing processes and economies of scale for the purpose. The company is also seeking concessions from the government of India, which is working to on an ambitious target to significantly increase the share of electric vehicles in its fleet by 2030.

It is known that the company’s LEAF is a very successful electric car with its 2019 model having a battery range of up to 360 kilometers on a single charge. The company is at present conducting feasibility studies on how mature is the electric car market in the country and has not made any commitment till now.


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