Autonomous Vehicle

InnovizAPP, an Automotive Perception Platform released

Innoviz Technologies, Ltd. has released its Automotive Perception Platform – InnovizAPP for the automotive industry. InnovizAPP is a perception platform, which includes automotive-grade hardware and software that enable autonomous vehicles to identify and classify objects.

InnovizAPP is based on Innoviz’s advanced Perception Software, which leverages the rich data derived from Innoviz‘s LiDAR sensors, coupled with proprietary AI algorithms, to analyze the point cloud and estimate an object’s speed with high precision. The software can accurately detect and classify objects in any 3D driving scene up to 250 meters away, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, and more. It also executes perception algorithms in real time, detecting and classifying pixels as collision relevant or non-collision relevant.

The InnovizAPP hardware provides an automotive-grade reference design based on low-cost automotive-grade components. It connects to existing vehicle systems and enables real-time perception in a simple plug-and-play manner, allowing automakers to test and learn how to build their own autonomous driving systems.

Based on Innoviz’s advanced Perception Software, InnovizAPP enables a safe autonomous driving experience as it identifies, detects and classifies objects.
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