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Juice Technology obtains international certification for portable EV charging cybersecurity

Juice Technology AG, manufacturer of charging stations and software, and leading producer of portable charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs), announced it has secured ISO Standard 27001 certification for its portable EV charging stations and software.

“Our robust, systematic software orientation and associated approaches of ‘software first’ and ‘security-by-design’ set us apart from other firms in the industry. The security aspect is an inherent part of our product planning and development,” states Christoph Erni, CEO of Juice Technology AG.

By certifying to the internationally leading standard ISO/IEC 27001, the Swiss-based technology company is underscoring the value it places on delivering compliant and physically secure charging stations, to ensure resilience from the threat of cybersecurity attacks that can become a risk to EV charging infrastructure just as they are in other critical infrastructure industries.

“A lot of vending machines are better protected than charging stations,” said Thomas R. Köhler, entrepreneur, university lecturer, cybersecurity and data protection expert and member of the Board of Directors of Juice Technology AG. “The possibilities for cyberattack are many and varied, and not very complex, either. An attacker can cull or manipulate data in poorly secured electronics, and thereby take control of the system and misuse it for all kinds of criminal activities.”

Compliance with the international standard ISO/IEC 27001 is considered the most important cybersecurity certification worldwide. It demonstrates that measures for ensuring information security and data protection have been implemented, and are regularly monitored and reviewed. This proof is of essential importance to businesses involved in high levels of innovation, as their intellectual property is their actual capital. Yet, information security is a matter of concern for the company’s entire network. Ultimately, business partners, customers, investors and the users of services and charging infrastructure can trust that Juice is handling their data securely and compliantly.

“The far-reaching consequences of cyberattacks can be devastating: besides the damage or even loss of data or failure of computers and entire systems, company operational processes are adversely impacted. The resultant loss of productivity can be dramatic – not to mention the damage to the company’s image,”  added Erni.

Juice approaches EV charging security with a comprehensive, holistic concept that addresses not only mechanical security, but also application security and data security in equal measure. To underscore the high priority Juice puts on cybersecurity, the innovative company put the topic of Cybersecurity and Charging Infrastructure front and center at its Juice World Charging Day on Monday, 6 September 2021. A replay of the event can be viewed on-demand at

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