Kaspersky launches threat intelligence reporting for the automotive industry

Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity company, has launched a new threat intelligence (TI) reporting tool for connected cars. Kaspersky’s TI reports provide car manufacturers with analysis of automotive-related security threats and identify information that could be utilized by attackers to target vehicles, connected vehicle infrastructure and other vehicle-related systems.

Kaspersky says its automotive TI service helps organizations – from vehicle manufacturers to suppliers – stay updated on relevant security issues that may influence the automotive industry, and allows them to take appropriate and timely remediation steps. The service seeks to identify existing and emerging automotive-related threats against in-vehicle components as well as connected vehicle infrastructure.

Each report includes an overview and analysis of technological trends related to cyberattacks in the automotive industry, such as cyber-incidents, recent security studies, conferences, talks, community forums, as well as information on potential attack vectors on the customer’s vehicle backend and services infrastructure. If the TI report finds a threat that needs to be resolved urgently, customers are notified immediately.

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