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Lectron teams up with Do it Best to promote electric vehicle charging

Lectron, the manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions, has entered into a retail partnership with Do it Best, an independent home improvement distributor, to make its fast and affordable EV chargers and adapters available in Do it Best member stores nationwide. 

Do it Best store owners can now purchase Lectron’s EV chargers and adapters through a drop ship program. Popular Lectron products include:

  • V-BOX Charging Station 48A – powerful Level 2 in-home charging station which charges up to 46 miles per hour for J1772 EVs
  • Portable Tesla Charger – with interchangeable Level 1 & Level 2 charging plugs, and both 16A & 32A charging output, perfect for Tesla charging at home or on the go
  • CCS Adapter for Tesla – allows Tesla drivers to use over 5,000 CCS fast chargers across the US
  • J1772 Adapter for Tesla – allows Tesla drivers to use J1772 chargers – giving them 5 times as many charging options across the US
  • Tesla Adapter for J1772 – gives J1772 drivers access to over 4,639 Tesla chargers across the US

Do it Best is known for its focus on product innovation and its agility in helping its store owners bring new items to the retail marketplace. Lectron makes EV charging easier and more convenient by providing fast and affordable charging solutions for both Tesla and non-Tesla EV drivers.

“Our team is constantly working to keep our store owners current with the latest trends and technology,” said Jason Stofleth, vice president of Merchandising at Do it Best. “Lectron’s innovative chargers and adapters tap into what we believe will be a growing category in our industry, allowing our members to have assortments that meet all their customers’ needs.”

“Our mission is to make powerful EV charging more accessible to all EV drivers,” said Christopher Maiwald, founder and CEO of Lectron. “By providing practical solutions to major pain points like range anxiety and compatibility issues, we’re doing our part to push EV adoption into the mainstream. We’re excited about teaming up with Do it Best to make our EV chargers and adapters available across thousands of retail home improvement locations.”

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