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Lifesight joins HERE Marketplace to offer global mobility data

HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, announced that Lifesight, a customer intelligence company, has joined the HERE Marketplace, offering anonymous mobility data.

The data is sourced from hundreds of location-aware mobile apps using a software development kit (SDK) from Lifesight. The data is collected and processed in a privacy-compliant manner, with all users of these apps explicitly consenting to allow location data sharing for use cases addressed by Lifesight. The company ingests, cleans, validates, and exports all location data signals to ensure only the highest quality data is made available for analysis. 

The aggregated data gives rich insights into mobility patterns. As a result, it can be used to address use cases such as consumer insights, audience profiling and segmentation, retail site selection and optimization, competitive benchmarking, and urban mobility planning. 

The HERE Marketplace simplifies how companies and organizations can explore, purchase, sell, and market a wide variety of location-centric data and assets. HERE’s extensive ecosystem helps Lifesight to further expand its reach and to address customers from industries and sectors such as automotive, transport & logistics, mobility, tourism, retail, and infrastructure planning. 

“The massive change in consumer behaviour and of the business landscape in different parts of the world has made it very difficult for global enterprises to adapt to these and develop the right strategies. Our accessible, alternative data sets offer a fresh and accurate view into these changes. We are very pleased to join the HERE Marketplace and leverage HERE Workspace in order to deliver high-quality mobility data to HERE’s customers globally”, said Tobin Thomas, CEO of Lifesight. 

“Having access to high-quality mobility data provides real-world insights into mobility patterns that enable data-driven business decisions for better customer experiences across industries. The flexibility of the HERE location platform with the HERE Marketplace and Workspace allows for the easy licensing of Lifesight data and its use in analytics and development projects”, said Steve Bonn, Director Business Development, Platform at HERE Technologies. “We’re excited to see Lifesight join the HERE Marketplace and help foster location data-driven innovation across industries.” 

The HERE Marketplace is a key component of the HERE location platform. Other elements include HERE Workspace, a cloud-based environment to create, deploy and scale location-centric data products, services, and applications securely, and HERE Studio, a web application to visualize geospatial data and create custom web maps.

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