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LIZHI INC. launches audio product on vehicle network-linked intelligent system BYD DiLink

LIZHI INC., a leading online UGC audio community and interactive audio entertainment platform in China, announced that it is partnering with BYD DiLink, a leading network-linked intelligent system in China, to integrate its in-car audio product in BYD’s DiLink intelligent system. LIZHI’s in-car audio product was launched on some of the main models of BYD this week, including the new energy vehicle (NEV) models of Dynasty series Han, Tang, Song, Qin, Yuan, etc.

BYD applied the network-linked intelligent system DiLink to vehicles and has played a leading role in the development of intelligent network in automobiles in China. After the launch of DiLink in 2018, BYD was among the pioneers in the area of the opened ecological cooperation for the network-linked intelligent system in China.

Mr. Jinnan (Marco) Lai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LIZHI, commented, “We are excited to collaborate with BYD DiLink, a leading network-linked intelligent system in China. LIZHI aims to meet the rising demand for audio services in the driving scenarios by providing personalized audio experiences supported by AI-empowered recommendation and distribution system, which may in turn help us reach a wider user base.

We believe as the Internet of Vehicles market rapidly advances, relationships between online audio and intelligent connected vehicles have further converged. We are committed to expanding the application of audio in various use scenarios. A total of 234 million podcasts spanning various sectors have been uploaded to our platform as of September 30 this year, which we believe can essentially meet the demands of a large variety of types of users. Leveraging our advanced technology, coupled with diverse audio contents, LIZHI will continue expanding audio experience offerings to a wider user base across different use scenarios.”

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