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1) CSM Tech & IIT Madras collaborate for autonomous EV racecar
CSM Tech is partnering with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras’s (IIT Madras) Raftar team to create the world’s fastest indigenous autonomous electric vehicle (EV) racecar by 2025. Raftar is a group of more than 40 IIT Madras students from various disciplines. more

2) India considers EV import tax cut
India is considering a potential reduction in import taxes on electric cars as part of an incentive for EV manufacturers to establish local production facilities. This move comes on the heels of Tesla’s recent endeavors to make inroads into the Indian market. more

3) Xpeng acquires Didi’s smart EV assets for $744M
Xpeng has acquired Didi’s Smart EV assets for a sum of $744 million. This acquisition marks a step forward for Xpeng, which aims to expand its footprint in the competitive EV landscape. The acquisition covers Didi’s EV business, including IP, technology, manufacturing more

4) Google unveils new enterprise tools
Google has introduced a range of enterprise AI tools. These tools aim to enhance user experiences across its suite of applications. Google’s enterprise AI tools is priced at $30 per user per month. It offers a range of functionalities to assist users in various aspects of their work. more

5) CARUSO to access Renault vehicle data in Europe
Multi-brand in-vehicle data provider CARUSO announced that it has signed an agreement with Renault Group. This agreement allows CARUSO’s customers to access the vehicle’s data such as mileage or geoposition without the need to install any additional device more

6) BYD acquires Jabil’s mobility business for $2.2B
Chinese automaker BYD has announced its acquisition of Jabil’s mobility business for US$ 2.2 billion. BYD, known for its electric vehicles (EVs), will take over Jabil’s mobility division. This division includes a wide range of offerings, such as connected vehicle more

7) Polestar to use Mobileye autonomous vehicle platform
Polestar and Mobileye are collaborating to bring autonomous technology to the Polestar 4 and potentially other vehicles. They will utilize the Mobileye Chauffeur™ AV platform, which ECARX will manufacture and integrate. The intended collaboration reflects Polestar’s mission more

8) Hyundai Mobis & Autotalks partner to develop 5G V2X
Hyundai Mobis Co., is said to partner with Israeli chipset maker Autotalks Ltd. They will collaborate to develop 5G network-based vehicle-to-everything (V2X) integrated control technology to bolster the safety of autonomous vehicles. The car parts unit under more

9) Tesla to sponsor Pwn2Own automotive event
Tesla, recently announced its participation as a key sponsor in Pwn2Own Automotive event in Tokyo from January 24 to 26, 2024. Tesla’s participation is an emphasis on the automotive cybersecurity. Four categories would be available in Pwn2Own Automotive. more

10) CalPro ADAS & Collabtic announce integration agreement
CalPro ADAS Solutions, LLC and Fieldpulse, LLC have announced an agreement whereby CalPro’s ADAS IdentiScan® product will run on the Collabtic Software Platform. CalPro’s Patented ADAS IdentiScan® is the first technology used in the ADAS identification more

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