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Marelli to showcase automotive solutions at CES 2022

Marelli will showcase its latest innovations at CES 2022. The invitation-only suite experience will feature technologies made possible by leveraging the company’s in-house expertise and strong partner ecosystem. Those visiting Marelli’s hospitality suite at CES 2022 will see the company’s latest advancements in lighting, sensing, electronics, interior, and electrification solutions including:

Sensors to Support ADAS and Autonomous Driving

Marelli partnered with solid-state LiDAR developer Xenomatix to provide reliable, flexible sensors that are among the smallest in the world, making them highly reusable and easy to integrate. Marelli’s collaboration with WHST is focused on developing 77 and 79GHz 4D radar to detect objects up to 150-250 meters away.

Integrated Sensors that Achieve Styling Requirements

Since 2017, Marelli has consistently demonstrated a unique approach to sensor integration leveraging vehicle headlamps and tail lamps. At CES, Marelli will display a headlamp with integrated radar, and an illuminated front panel developed for a leading German OEM, representing a strong starting point for illuminated signatures on EVs.

Technology to Simplify Management of Complex Electronic Architectures

Marelli introduced its Cockpit Domain Controller (CDC) to support the evolution of the vehicle’s electronic architecture. See the flexible Dyna-View 24″ wide display with integrated CDC that manages two operating systems and up to four displays. 

Smart Surfaces to Manage Information in an Aesthetic, Stress-Free Way

Marelli’s central console features a touchscreen central display optically bonded on unique curved glass with embedded illumination and transparent, multi-function layer technology. The company will also feature a collection of translucent, decorative materials, such as artificial leather, piano black (high gloss), and metallics, capable of displaying indicators and warnings to vehicle occupants.

Haptic Controls to Promote Safe Interaction

Marelli developed the dashboard for an electric crossover vehicle that features haptic buttons to provide the user with a tactile response. Haptics increase safety as the driver can communicate with the vehicle without taking their eyes off the road.

The Future of EV Powertrains: Technology to Manage, Control and Optimize the Flow of Thermal and Electrical Energy

Suite visitors can see the company’s 800 V eMotor and take a spin in a Porsche Taycan to feel the power of this motor firsthand. Marelli’s inverter technology for both cars and motorcycles will be on display, along with its eAxle. See the next-generation power conversion, thermal management, and battery optimization solution from TAE Technologies.

Marelli’s IAQ system was recognized as a 2022 CES Innovation Award Honoree, and will be included in the winner’s showcase at the Venetian Hotel. IAQ utilizes UV-A and UV-C light with a titanium dioxide filter to destroy bacteria and virus-causing particles, including COVID-19.

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