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China: WirelessCar expands collaboration with BMW


China: According to a recent news, WirelessCar collaborated with BMW and its local service partner China Unicom to introduce ConnectedDrive services to China since September 2012. BMW’s services include emergency, breakdown, and concierge calls as well as remote door unlock, traffic information and further internet-based services. Now, BMW provides vehicles incorporating connected services to the Chinese market – following Europe, North America and the Middle East.

As in news, WirelessCar’s solutions are provided via its Telematics Service Delivery Platform (TSDP), a comprehensive off-board platform based on the open framework Next Generation Telematics Pattern ( NGTP’s open source architecture makes it possible to link content, call centers and networks more easily to speed up time to market. WirelessCar monitors its services around the clock to guarantee market-leading service availability.

Francis Dance, BMW ConnectedDrive Senior Manager in Beijing, said: “WirelessCar was a key partner in bringing BMW’s global ConnectedDrive service platform to China on schedule. The project required significant local market adaptation and working with multiple partners to achieve the goals. Their teamwork and support was essential to our success.”

Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar, said: “China is a unique and complex market and our partnerships with China Unicom and other important actors allows us to benefit from their unique expertise on this market as well as providing licenses to operate in China. Being the largest market in the world, this marks a credible step in WirelessCar’s global footprint and shows our commitment to China as the largest and fastest growing market”.





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