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Continental joins the Autonomous Driving Platform formed by BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye as System Integrator

Continental has joined the Autonomous Driving Platform formed by BMW Group, Intel, and Mobileye as System Integrator. The alliance aims to establish a new cooperation model for highly and fully automated driving that would provide scalable solutions for the entire automotive industry worldwide.


As a system integrator, Continental aspires to play a key role in the industrialization of the platform for other automotive manufacturers and bring the joint solutions to the market more quickly. In July 2016 BMW Group, Intel, and Mobileye had joined forces to make self-driving vehicles become a reality and are collaborating to bring solutions for highly and fully automated driving into series production by 2021.

  • Goal of the BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye development partnership: Industrialization of technologies for highly and fully automated driving for various vehicle manufacturers worldwide
  • System integrator, function development, motion control, simulation, and validation: Continental contributes a broad range of know-how along the entire process chain of automated driving
  • Worldwide development and production for locally adapted technology

The Cooperation Partners have since developed a scalable architecture that can be adopted by other automotive developers and carmakers to pursue State-of-the-Art designs and create differentiated brands.

In January 2017 the alliance had announced that a fleet of approximately 40 autonomous BMW vehicles will be on the roads by the second half of 2017, demonstrating the significant advancements made by the three companies towards fully autonomous driving.

The range and complexity of the technical systems required for automated driving are enormous. The competence of Continental includes necessary range of products and services: surrounding sensors, environment model, driving functions, system architecture, functional safety, control units, brake systems, tires, complete powertrain systems as well as systems for human-machine-dialogue and system validations. The company joining the alliance would help both the company as well as the alliance.

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