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Denso takes an equity stake in Creationline, to boost its connectivity business

Denso Corporation has taken an equity stake in Creationline Inc, one of few companies in Japan that develops technologies using an open source and agile software development approach. The company is involved in deploying and integrating cloud and other technologies that enable next-generation software development.

The motive behind this move by Denso is to strengthen its connectivity business. Investment upgrades the company’s system to develop cloud solutions and open source software, promotes agile product development which is crucial for future connected vehicles.

This equity participation will enable Denso to harness the skills of Creationline’s IT engineers, who are developing advanced technologies key to growing connectivity-related business. Denso will also participate in various open source communities organized or co-organized by Creationline to strengthen its own world-class software-oriented development system.

The auto industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century paradigm shift. Competition continues to intensify as new players from other industries enter the market and as speed to market also increases. Therefore automotive players are investing in companies both within and outside the automotive industry in order to pioneer future mobility solutions and products more nimbly, blending the existing technologies and automotive expertise with new perspectives and agile R&D processes.


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