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Elektrobit and Pelagicore join hands for development of GENIVI solution


Sweden: According to a recent news, Elektrobit (EB) and Pelagicore are collaborating on the development of GENIVI-based in-car infotainment platform solutions.

According to the source, as car makers are looking for rich feature content and HMI’s in-line with a modern smartphone experience, the ability to tap into a wide and vibrant eco-system of app and service providers becomes paramount. GENIVI strives to develop an open software architecture that allows for efficient integration of innovative software from third parties.

As in news, the partnership brings together the Pelagicore Middleware and Application Framework and the navigation and HMI products from EB, on top of a commercially supported GENIVI Compliant base platform. The combined software architecture provides a proven base for deployment of scalable software platforms ranging from entry-level to high-end products.

This combined product offering is supported by the experience from EB in advanced software integration services. This proven software integration model ensures the ability for car makers and their suppliers to leverage and re-use developments between car lines and model years, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership. By ensuring efficient re-use, car makers are able to focus on developing new, high quality and innovative user experiences that their drivers demand.

Alwin Bakkenes, CEO Pelagicore, said: “Our combined expertise and delivery capacity gives us a unique opportunity to serve the increasing demand for GENIVI compliant In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solutions. The Pelagicore and EB partnership enables us to provide one of the most complete software frameworks for GENIVI based deployments. And by applying our efficient and transparent software integration and delivery model, we are able to open up a large eco-system of third party software and enable car makers to meet customer demands at affordable cost.”

Martin Schleicher, Vice President-strategy and infotainment products, Elektrobit (EB) Automotive Business Segment, said: “By combining EB’s award-winning infotainment products and our long-term experience in software integration, along with Pelagicore’s expertise in Linux/GENIVI, we are able to bring innovative solutions to market faster.”




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