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Mio to use of CSR's SiRF chips in its PNDs


Mio, will be using CSR’s SiRFatlas V and TriG RF location system technologies in its latest generation of navigation products. The platform features a TRiG RF advanced radio frequency (RF) front-end radio chip, which supports GPS, Glonass and Chinese Compass systems.

Mio had used SiRF in its mobile and PND products in 2007, and has since than continued using SiRF.

“Mio and MiTAC have a long-term partnership with CSR and have delivered several location technologies that allow our users to experience better navigation service,” said Steve Cheng, president of Mio technology Corporation. “This year, by delivering the latest TRiF RF advanced RF through cooperation by Mio and CSR, Mio and MiTAC will be able to provide an excellent user navigation experience to our customers.”



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