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NCC Group and SBD to work on security aspects of connected car

Published: October 15, 2014 | Manchester, UK

NCC Group has announced a strategic partnership with SBD to improve automotive cyber security for connected cars. The two companies have collaboratively created the Automotive Secure Development Lifecycle (ASDL) to help vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers mitigate cyber security risks when developing connected cars.

The ASDL incorporates international standards, OEM specific standards and best practice guidance using sound engineering principles. The seven-step process includes system/design architecture, definition of what is being protected, threat modelling, counter measures, best practice guidance, penetration testing and incidence response. 

The process is built on the combined expertise and global reach of both companies and incorporates services such as strategic planning, design support, countermeasure evaluation, market intelligence, competitor evaluation, security awareness and training.

“Sales of connected cars are set to rise to over 20 million per year by 2020, so the importance of protecting those cars from cyber attacks has never been greater. Although vehicle manufacturers across the globe are developing a good understanding of the emerging risks, they still have concerns and questions around security, which is why we have created the ASDL to provide a robust engineering framework and a guide to industry best practice.”

– Andy Davis, research director at NCC Group

Source: NCC Group


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