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ParkWhiz acquires Tel Aviv-based CodiPark

ParkWhiz has acquired CodiPark, a Tel Aviv-based company known for solutions that deliver a friction-free parking experience. With the acquisition, ParkWhiz will add drive-up mobile payments to its Parking Platform, which powers numerous third-party mobile apps, as well as its own ParkWhiz and BestParking brands.

In addition to having the option of pre-booking parking, consumers will now also be able to simply drive up to a lot or garage, pull a ticket and pay by scanning it in whichever ParkWhiz-powered app they are using. Payment and validation are managed without ever visiting a kiosk, or blocking traffic at a gate while fumbling for a credit card or cash.

The company is working collaboratively with parking access control systems and parking operators to offer drivers more seamless ingress and egress options via mobile devices and connected vehicles. The acquisition is part of a broader strategy by ParkWhiz aimed at solving the last mile of connected and autonomous mobility.

With the acquisition, ParkWhiz will maintain an office in Tel Aviv–a city known as a global connected mobility hub with specific heritage in wireless communications and navigation–to continue to develop new mobility solutions for its partners.


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