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Porsche and Audi join forces to develop an architecture for electric vehicles

Porsche and Audi are joining forces to develop an architecture for electric vehicles. The collaboration between the companies had started around ten months ago and now, the premium manufacturers are concretizing and deepening their development cooperation.

The goal of the cooperation is to create a pioneering architecture called the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), is to shape the mobility of tomorrow together and to put future electric vehicles on the market more quickly. Through the effective, joint use of development capacities, both high-tech brands are creating more opportunities for the topics of electrification, digitalization, and autonomous driving as well as for the further development of highly efficient conventional engines.

First models based on the PPE are planned for the end of 2021. Beforehand, in 2018 and 2019, the e-tron and Mission E production models will be the first electric models of the two premium brands to be launched.

Porsche AG had recently announced that it is doubling its expenditure on electromobility from around three billion euro to more than six billion euro.

From the additional sum of three billion euro, some 500 million euro will be used for the development of Mission E variants and derivatives, around one billion euro for electrification and hybridisation of the existing product range, several hundred million for the expansion of sites, plus around 700 million euro in new technologies, charging infrastructure and smart mobility.

The company will use the funds for investments in Zuffenhausen and Weissach plants which is being expanded to manufacture electric drives and the body shop will also be developed.

Porsche will use 500 million euro for the development of Mission E variants and derivatives. The company will also invest in developing comprehensive rapid charging infrastructure Porsche, along with Audi, is representing the Volkswagen Group in Ionity, a joint venture with the BMW Group, Daimler AG, and Ford Motor Company.


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