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Poynt Corporation assets acquired by Intertainment Media and Avenza Systems


USA: Intertainment Media andAvenza Holdings have jointly, on a 50/50 basis, acquired the assets of Poynt Corporation.  Poynt has a number of early stage patents granted in their key business areas and a vast international user-base of its popular mobile application. Localized mobile marketing has grown significantly in the past few years and the Poynt application has had tremendous growth globally as a well known mobile application on industry leading mobile platforms, such as, BlackBerry, Apple, Android and Windows.

Moving forward, the new private company will in part be focused on the development of geographic based localization opportunities for consumers and businesses as well as accelerating its patent protection efforts. Intertainment and Avenza will work together to add additional core functions and capabilities to the Poynt platform from their own respective company divisions and integrate new and strategic functionality across the products of all three organizations.

Mr. Ted Florence, CEO of Avenza Holdings, said: “We feel that our partnership with Intertainment for the acquisition of the Poynt platform and assets, in combination with our expertise in mapping, geographic information systems and location-based services will provide new and exciting opportunities to enhance localization and travel opportunities for both Poynt users and commercial partners.”

Mr. Anthony R. Pearlman, President and Chief Operating Officer Intertainment Media, said: “We are very excited to have the opportunity to acquire the Poynt platform and its assets and continue to move forward with its leadership position in the global localization arena in partnership with Avenza’s worldwide expertise in mapping and location services.”

Source: Intertainment Media


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