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Savari becomes the first V2X technology solution provider to join 5GAA

Savari has joined the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). Savari is the first V2X technology solution provider to join the group of leading automotive OEMs, automotive tier one system and component suppliers, and technology vendors.


5GAA was formed to accelerate the development and testing of advanced communications solutions like cellular-V2X for enabling connected cars to be fully automated. By joining the group, Savari is committed to contributing to the development of V2X standards across the automotive and mobile industries that will accelerate its commercial availability and global market penetration of this life-saving technology.

Cellular-V2X technology enables cars to communicate 10 times a second with other cellular-V2X enabled cars and roadside infrastructure. This V2X data is analyzed in real-time, providing the driver with a more detailed view of the driving environment and up to a three-second window for preventing an accident.

Additionally, this data can be aggregated and further analyzed in the cloud and distributed over the cellular network to provide earlier alerts to all drivers of upcoming accidents, weather warnings, traffic patterns along with enhanced transportation data services to any cellular enabled vehicle. This significantly enhances the range of V2X safety applications, creating a wide area traveler information network for roadway warnings and alerts.

Cellular-V2X technology is essential to the rollout of V2X safety applications around the world. With its ability to broadcast V2X safety data to any vehicle, cities, counties, state DOTs and wireless carriers have increased incentives to rollout V2X-enabled roadside infrastructure today.


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