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Six new members have joined Automotive Grade Linux and the Linux Foundation

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), has announced that six new members have joined Automotive Grade Linux and The Linux Foundation. DrimAES joins AGL at the Silver level while ARM, Elektrobit, RealVNC, Telenav and Tuxera join AGL at the Bronze level.AGL_Linux_Foundation_Infotainment

“We saw a 60% membership growth in 2016, and we expect that momentum to continue in 2017,” said Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux. “Our new members represent a wide group of skills and expertise, from location-based services to digital storage, which will be valuable as we continue to enhance our UCB infotainment platform and expand into other automotive applications like telematics and instrument cluster.”

AGL has reached several major milestones over the past couple of months. With these six new members, and the recent announcements of Suzuki and Daimler earlier this year, AGL now has 90+ members including ten OEMs. AGL also recently announced the third release of the AGL Unified Code Base (UCB) distribution 3.0, which was on display at CES 2017.



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