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Tele2 and L&T partners to generate M2M/IoT solutions for transport industry

Published: November 14, 2014 | Sweden

Tele2 AB and L&T Technology Services announced a strategic partnership to generate Machine to Machine/Internet of Everything, M2M/IoT, solutions for the transportation vertical. The M2M/IoT market under Transport and Mass Transit Sector is poised to go from $10.4 billion in 2014 to $29.4 billion by 2017 and $76.1 billion by 2020.

M2M/IoT implies that machines send information to one another using SIM cards and without the direct involvement of human interaction. These signals aim to control a process or tell a machine to perform a certain action. M2M/IoT is currently one of the fastest-growing business segment in technology.

The partnership between L&T Technology Services, an engineering services major and Tele2 holds a great potential for the transportation market including Auto, Aero, Rail, Shipping and Off Highway and specialized vehicles. For example, it offers solutions that would allow passengers to keep updated regarding departures and arrival times as well as delays. Another area include remote monitoring of engine performance. Data can be collected automatically and show when it is time for maintenance and thereby reduce the risk of damage to the engines.

L&T Technology Services with its deep domain expertise in the Transportation sector and Tele2, with its proven credentials as the foremost provider of convergent communication services make it possible to provide comprehensive solutions for costumer with a high quality of service.

“I am really excited about the partnership with L&T Technology Services and to see how our different expertise can influence the transportation industry to become even more efficient and cost conscious with new business models”Rami Avidan, Head of Tele2 M2M Global Solutions

Source: Tele2


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