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Tesla to Acquire Deepscale

Tesla is set to acquire computer-vision startup DeepScale. The news was reported by a section of media that was confirmed later by DeepScale CEO Forrest Iandola through a post on LinkedIn that stated that he has joined Tesla as a “senior staff machine learning scientist”.

DeepScale is a US-based technology company that develops perceptual system technologies for automated vehicles. The company also helps automakers use industry-standard low-wattage processors to power more accurate perception.

DeepScale is using efficient deep neural networks (DNNs) on small, low-cost, automotive-grade sensors and processors to transform the accuracy of perception systems, which interpret and classify sensor data in real-time, for automated vehicles. In doing this, the company is bringing driver-assistance and autonomous driving to mass-produced vehicles at all price-points.

There are number of factors that might have influenced this decision. Tesla vehicles are “Level 2,” as per SAE autonomy standards and the automaker is better known for its Autopilot feature that is an advanced driver assistance system. The company plans to improve these advanced driver assistance capabilities and eventually reaching that full automation. The company is also planning to launch a fleet of Robotaxis by next year. Apart from these, Tesla of late was also facing exodus of talent as several Autopilot engineers had left this year. It is believed that this acquisition will help the company on all these fronts.

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