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TomTom to expand operations in South American market


USA: TomTom has signed a partnership agreement with Digibase to expand its operations in Latin America from consumer, corporate sector to government and security services.

It is anticipated that partnership with Digibase will enable TomTom to increase its footprint and business operations in Latin America.

TomTom plans to benefit from Digibase’s local market expertise in Brazil and combine it with its own international resources including mapping capacity.

Increased economic prosperity has brought greater consumer demand for automobiles and also pushed forward the market for road transportation networks. A large part of Latin America is poorly mapped, however, and telecommunications coverage remains uneven but TomTom says it is poised to change that.

There is a growing demand for location information in the Latin America region and TomTom and Digibase say they want to respond to the needs of a wide range of location-based services and not just the ordinary motorists.

“Because the need for location information is exploding in Latin America, it is an increasingly important region for TomTom,” the company’s Licensing Managing Director Charles Cautley said.

“This partnership combines TomTom’s accurate and rich maps with Digibase’s local presence,” Cautley said.

Digibase is a local reseller which, as a result of new agreements, will license TomTom maps and enhanced content for the Latin American region.

TomTom says it provides navigable coverage for more than 1 million miles of roads throughout the region, as well as about 1 million “points of interest.”



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