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Vehicle navigation display patents

Unitent States Patent and Trademark
Unitent States Patent and Trademark

Kiyoshi Tsurumi from Denso Corpoaration was awarded the US Patent for map navigation display last September. The abstract of his finding reads: “A remaining distance to an intersection regarded as a guide point is calculated based on map matching process. When the remaining distance is decreased to less than or equal to 100 m, an advancement display process is executed to advance a display position of a vehicle mark of the subject vehicle in the forward direction ahead of the map matched position. The vehicle mark is thus displayed, in an enlarged view of the guide point, at a position corresponding to an advanced display remaining distance, which is calculated using a predetermined formula.”

About a decade before the GPS or Glonass became fully operational[1993, 1995], private cooporations started filing patents for the vehicle navigation display systen. The pioneering work in the field of vehicle map navigation waas been started by Nissan Motor Company with its patent in 1986, which reads:
A navigation system and method for guiding a vehicle along a selected route of travel to a destination from a start point using a display unit. In the navigation system, a registered intersection nearest to the present position of the vehicle, present on the set route of travel and registered in a roadmap data, is used as the first intersection on the route of travel through which the vehicle is to pass. The vehicle can be guided toward the first intersection and if the driver manually triggers the system upon reaching the first intersection, the guidance process for the selected route can begin. Otherwise, the system again checks to see which of the registered intersections is closest to the vehicle, and the above process is repeated.


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