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WirelessCar honored as “Best China Telematics Company”


China: WirelessCar announced that it has grabbed the award for the “Best China Telematics company” for 2012 by China Telematics, at the IOVA Annual Conference.

As in news, with this prize, WirelessCar will step into another stage in china and is planning to expand and move the industry forward, after it founded its own subsidiaries in Beijing and Tianjin in order to build partnerships, joint ventures and government relationships in 2011.

Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar, said:  “Again, WirelessCar has been recognized for its outstanding capabilities and global reach. Today’s Car OEM’s are looking for proven and global solutions that are easy to adopt in new markets and quickly help them to introduce new innovative services. The Connected Vehicle has become a true value added service offering which attract today’s car customer.”




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