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Australia’s younger generations more inclined to adopt electric cars, report suggests

A new research into Australians’ willingness to purchase electric vehicles, and the largest barriers to adoption, has revealed that younger generations are more inclined to adopt electric cars, with almost half of respondents aged 18-24 planning to buy one in the next ten years vs just over a quarter (28%) of those aged 55-64. The Digital Edge, a research firm had conducted the research.

The other findings of the research are:

• A majority of Australians (62%) are not planning to buy an electric car in the next ten years – despite this being a major election talking point.

• The barrier to adoption remains price with 49% of respondents listing this as an inhibitor to purchase. When asked what an acceptable price range would be for electric vehicles, close to half of the respondents (48%) say they should be the same price as combustion engine cars, and over a third (33%) expect them to be less expensive.

• A lack of education about electric cars also seems to be a problem, with almost a third of respondents (30%) saying that they don’t know enough about them to consider purchasing one.

• Infrastructure concerns have a limited influence on purchasing decisions at this stage, with just under a quarter of respondents (24%) worried about the limited number of charging stations, and 15% concerned about a lack of infrastructure. In addition, only 19% of respondents mentioned charging times as a reason for not buying electric cars.

• Two thirds (66%) also said they would expect their vehicle to charge in less than 30 minutes, including a quarter (23%) in less than 10 minutes, while the average EV charging time in Australia is currently around 30 minutes.

• In terms of autonomy, 72% of Australians expect electric cars to be capable of running for 400kms or more on a single charge, including a third for more than 800kms, when the average range for electric cars these days is approximately 100-150km.

Research is based on a survey of 1,067 representatives of the Australian population.

Source: Press Release


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