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Magellan will replace NAVTEQ with Tele Atlas


Reports are coming in that Magellan is going to replace NAVTEQ maps with Tele Atlas maps in its devices. However, there is a possibility that NAVTEQ maps will still be used by Magellan in some of its devices for some time to come. It is still not clear when Magellan will start shipping devices with preloaded Tele Atlas maps.

Tele Atlas provides digital maps and related dynamic content to various companies like Mio and Navman along with Magellan. It has map data of more than 100 countries, covers 32 million km of road and more than 25 million points of interests. It also offers other products like voice maps and 3D landmarks.

NAVTEQ replaced by Tele Atlas at Magellan
Magellan to replace NAVTEQ maps with Tele Atlas maps

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