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PixelActive acquired by NAVTEQ

NAVTEQ acquires PixelActive
3D Urban Landscape

PixelActive, a 3D urban landscape modeling firm is acquired by NAVTEQ. PixelActive is a Carlsbad, California based company that provides 3D urban modeling services form 2003 and currently has 16 employees. It offers “Cityscape”, for speeding up the development of city models in 3D.

After having a look at the latest trends, it would not be an over statement to say that future of mapping is in 3D. Adding 3D capability can help NAVTEQ in staying ahead of its competition. According to NAVTEQ, the move to acquire PixelActive is for building capabilities to quickly deliver 3D products. With more and more 3D features coming in mapping, this is a wise move form NAVTEQ, which is already using Cityscape for developing products like 3D City Models and 3D Junction Models.

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