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Four Soft delivers Freight Optimizer Solution

India: Four Soft announced the release of its web-based shipment planning & freight optimization solution, 4SePlanner. As per the company, this solution will enable users across geographic locations in making the right decisions to find the least cost route and meet the delivery timelines. It is also being said that with the help of this solution shipment planning and optimization can be done based on a number of configurable parameters like trade lanes, modes, commodities, transit duration, customers/carriers, service levels, service types etc.

Four Soft
Four Soft

As in news, 4SePlanner helps in realizing significant cost savings by suggesting cost-effective carrier selections, while respecting the customer’s specific routing requirements and requested delivery times. The planning required prior to executing the shipments can be simulated.

Rakesh M. Kumar, SVP- Product Management & Marketing, Four Soft Limited, said: “In the highly competitive and cost conscious environment in which logistics and shipper companies operate in, customers are continuously looking to optimize freight cost. 4SePlanner helps achieve this while maintaining service leadership. We are currently in discussions with number of customers across geographies and are confident of making strong in-roads into the market.”


Source: Four Soft Limited


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